FACTCHECK: Have 2000 Access Bank Customers information been leaked?


A video have surfaced on Twitter by an  hacker (later identified as Ihebuzo Chris)who alleged that access bank was vulnerable; hence, giving room for collection of over 2000 customers information. He added that he could debit customers account if he wanted. This apparently incited a lot of controversies as customers of the bank tweeted their various experiences with the bank.


Reacting to the post, on 31st of August 2020, the access bank through her official twitter page (@myaccessbank) urged customers to ignore the post as there is no threat to their account balance. The bank added that customers should stick to the rule of 'never giving out' account information to a third party.

In a bid to further investigate, ROUNDCHECK put a call through to Access Bank customer service. Their agent consented to being aware of the claim, he however assured that the information was untrue and that customer's money is safe. He further corroborated the advise given by @myaccessbank that information should not be shared with any caller who claims they are agent of the bank.

 When asked how the BVN and other vital information gets into the hand of hackers, he said'' I don't know. It might be someone close to customers that is trying to prank them. No access bank staff would call to ask for information on your account.''


The video claiming that 2,000 Access Bank customers  information has been leaked is false